“I have worked on many projects with Yvonne over the past two and a half years, and I am always impressed by her professionalism, sense of style, and creativity. She has helped me with everything from drapes to bedding, and even recovering a chair. Yvonne is a great listener; she is easy to work with and will give you as much or as little design advice as you want. I believe she looks at her design work as a real partnership with her client and I have always really appreciated that.  It is always a pleasure to do business with Yvonne.”

Emily Konrad

I knowing Yvonne for 5 years

I envy her for she loves her work. She wakens in the morning and is eager to work on her project. Her artistic ability and her knowledge of fabrics for her surpass Her workmanship is next to none. Her honesty and integrity ensures the customer. She does the best job at the fairest price.

Paul Citti

I highly recommend Yvonne Gunnarsson for any type of interior window treatment job and upholstery. She is European trained and very professional. Her work and ideas are fantastic and her attention to detail just perfect- really top quality!

Lisa Glover 

The creativity and energy shows in Yvonne's work. Yvonne enjoys what she is doing and the result is fabulous. If you've tried the rest, now try the best!

 Christina Klavans

When I called Yvonne last March to help us launch a reusable bag program in our local community in April. Her answer was:

“YES of course! Your project teaches children about reusable bags, brings awareness to the environment, I am totally for it! You can come now.”

I met Yvonne 6 years ago, got her business card, but never got a chance to see her again until this project came up. She doesn’t know with whom she was talking to over the phone.

Yvonne was here for us, for our children in the community and for the environment.

As a designer myself, I had the most amazing working experience with Yvonne. She helped us choose the right reclaimed fabric for the design of our bags and donated afterhours to deliver the bags on time for our events.

Yvonne is the one of a kind person that sews bags with the same level of care and details than she will do vests for the Royal Swedish Army!

Thank you Yvonne!

Mouna Chamariq, LEED AP

Co-Founder of Westcesterre Green Living, LLC