When you are a true Swedish-Born, love for nature shines through in your daily life.

When you are raised with concerns for the environment, you quickly learn that “Less is more” is the most challenging approach to beautiful and functional designs.

When you grew up playing hide and seek in a Flax and Linen Farm, you become a different person.

This person is Yvonne Gunnarsson, a talented and highly original designer with a refined appearance.

Her natural sense of manipulating fabrics comes from her unique childhood experience, her capabilities of understanding how fibers grow, how they are harvested and how they are made into delicious and healthy fabrics.

Her “Story of Fibers” allowed Yvonne to go beyond the fabric itself and build an unexpected connection between fashion and furnishing.

Yvonne graduated from the renowned Design school in Sweden.

Her passion for fibers and her strong experience in constructing fabrics and designing unique clothing and furnishing collections for well-known people for 20 years.

The designer teamed with talented people and launched a unique pillows making business. What sets Yvonne apart is her expertise of making her own fabric, and constructing elegant designs for various private clients around Europe and US.

Working with Yvonne is experiencing the knowledge of fibers, the consciousness of waste and the professionalism of managing any budget.

For more than 20 years, Yvonne has been working with top professionals in the field of Interior Design. Dressing up windows and furniture with fashion, balancing proportions, texture, shine, colors and movement with love and elegance, that is her expertise.